Hello and welcome to Nesting on Hunter where I bring you behind the scenes of my Etsy shop, Chic Boutique NH, DIY projects, home projects; really anything that decorates your life!

I live in NH with my husband, twin boys, and husky. I hold a Masters of Education and have a full time job helping people. I have always had a passion for decorating and am often complimented on my style of decorating. This led me to hobby crafting and side selling items that I have

Before I started selling locally through Facebook, I had my first attempt at selling on Etsy. That was in 2015. I opened my first shop called Twinspired to Create. I found myself not really equipped or experienced enough to keep up with the demand, so I took a side step to perfect my craft.

Fast forward to Jan. 2019, I found myself at home from my full time job for a month due to a surgery (a week after I ran the Disney Marathon). I am a person who needs to keep busy, so going from my bed to the couch was driving me a little insane. At the same time, my husky was diagnosed with diabetes. It was not the happiest time for me. To take my mind off of the craziness going on around me, I focused all of this free time on crafting. Crafting, along with family, running, and wine is what brings me joy. Given that month of “not being able to do anything” opened up an opportunity to design and create.

I am now confident in my craft and am fully equipped to meet your production needs.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries!

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