With Kim Chaffee & Her Fearless Run

I recently had the honor of designing a shirt for children’s author, Kim Chaffee.  Kim reached out to me for a custom order from my Etsy Shop, Chic Boutique NH.  She had a vision of something with coffee.  Her wish was my command, and this is what I designed for her.

I am getting to learn about the world of being an author through Kim.  Her book, is set for its book birthday aka book release on April 2, 2019.  I feel privileged to be the first mother (other than Kim, of course) to read,  Her Fearless Run, to my children.

Her Fearless Run is about the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon, Katherine Switzer.  Because of Katherine Switzer, girls and women, like me, are now “allowed” to be runners and run in marathons. In 1967, Katherine was the first woman to ever enter the Boston Marathon; running bib 261. At the time, race officials didn’t know she was a female.  You see, Katherine always used her initials to sign everything, and that is how she was registered.  It wasn’t in an attempt to fool anyone!  When men started to realize that Katherine was a woman, some started grabbing at her to try to get her off of the course, tried taking her bib from her, and they were yelling at her.  Katherine didn’t give up and she made history. She now has a nonprofit called 261 Fearless; 261 being her iconic bib number.

I have run in many half marathons and just ran my first marathon in January 2019. I have an even stronger purpose for running now, knowing that during the time that my mother was young, she wouldn’t have been “allowed” to run or compete in something like this. In the 1960s, women were supposed to engage in activities that didn’t make them sweat.   It is people like Katherine who have empowered women and girls around the world.

Parents everywhere should get their own copy of Her Fearless Run to help empower their daughters and teach their sons about equality. I absolutely loved reading this book to my boys. I could see their wheels spinning as they asked me questions, not understanding a time when women didn’t have equal rights. They were making statements like “well you run all the time”, and “that’s not fair, why didn’t girls run?” Just last night, they asked if I could read it to them again.

I am excited for Kim as she prepares for her book release. I am flattered that she will be wearing the shirt that I designed for her to her school events and book release events. This has inspired me to start designing more running themed t-shirts and tanks. I will be listing them in my shop soon. It is a blend of my passions!


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18 thoughts on “With Kim Chaffee & Her Fearless Run

  1. This sounds like a great book! And I love your shirt. Writing is the best as well. Running, not so much for me, but I do run daily so I can fit into my pants.


  2. I also agree I love your shirt! I love running because it helps clear my mind! I love writing because it helps me express myself. I also love reading to my son! I loved this post and I loved see you read to your children!


  3. I love that shirt. And really love Katherine’s story. I read about it not too long ago, maybe in Runner’s World. Anyway, great job!


  4. That looks like such a cute book! I am always looking for new books to read with my kids, and this looks like one i NEED in my collection!


  5. This generation of children can count themselves very lucky to have access to so many role model stories and examples. Maybe one day I will do the half marathon and then the marathon in honour of Katherine’s bravery.


  6. What an incredible story! I love your sons’ reactions to women not being allowed to run marathons. May they grow up to empower the women in their lives!


  7. That was great congratulation that was a big privileged. You are such a very talented woman I hope you get more offer like this in the future. The book and your shirt design really inspire me a lot.


  8. We are all so proud of you! You are setting such an amazing example for your kids and us as well!


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