Minecraft PNG files

I recently celebrated my twins’ 6th birthday. They chose a Minecraft theme, and asked me to make them shirts. Obviously, I obliged and got to work on my Cricut! I have not listed this shirt in my Etsy shop, Chic Boutique NH, but I am always happy to take custom orders.

I am going to share my PNG files to get you started on creating your own Minecraft shirt, accessories, etc. First, I downloaded this Minecraft Creeper here.

Then, I downloaded this Minecraft sword here.

Using the Lego Brix font in Dafont, I typed my twin’s name (Evan and then Ethan), and changed the color to white so that I could view it over the black sword. I then moved the Evan and placed it on top of the sword.

After I did that, using the MAC, I held down the command and made sure that both the sword and the Evan where highlighted. After that, I sliced the image. The slice is seen on the left hand bottom side of the control panel in Cricut Design Space.

Again, using the Lego Brix font from Dafont, I created the 6.

This was the first time that I used Firefly heat transfer vinyl.

I have to say that I think I may have found a new favorite. This HTV is so soft to the touch, and I have read that it holds up really well. Time will tell. I had originally bought this HTV to use for Saint Patrick’s Day shirts, but it was not the color I was hoping for. I still put it to great use though.

It has been hit or miss in the quality of HTV that I order from Amazon. I would absolutely order this HTV from Amazon again. I had one bad experience where I just could not get a well known brand to adhere to the garment. I think it was probably a knock off. Make sure to always read the reviews. I typically don’t order my HTV from Amazon, for this reason, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Please, make sure to share with me whatever you end up creating with these shared PNGS. I can’t wait to see what you create!


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