Minecraft Birthday Party

This past weekend, my twins turned 6 years old! I truly believe in the old adage that the days are long and the years are short. Time is flying.  We didn’t have a birthday party last year because we were on a Disney Cruise.  So, this year, I promised they could have a birthday party.  One of my boys is currently Minecraft obsessed, so he go this way with a Minecraft themed birthday party. I would have gone all out with a Pinterest themed party if we held the party at home, but I didn’t want to deal with the set up and clean-up of a kids birthday party at my house. So, I booked their party at a local bowling alley. So how do you create your theme at a bowling alley, when you don’t have many options for decorating or creating themed food ideas?

I started with their invitations.  Minecraft invitations set the theme of the day! These are the invitations that we ordered.

The cake, of course! The cake is one of the most important aspects of setting the tone for your party. I ordered the cake from someone who lives locally to me.

My boys asked me to make them a Minecraft inspired shirt for their party.  I don’t have these shirts listed in my shop, but I welcome custom orders!

I think that all kids would agree that the goody bag is one of the best parts of going to a birthday party.  Here are some of the Minecraft goody bag items that we gave to our guests.

Even though our venue supplied plates and napkins, I purchased some Minecraft themed plates and napkins.

Last but not least, just to add a little décor to the party room that was used for only 30 minutes, a Mine craft wall banner.


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9 thoughts on “Minecraft Birthday Party

  1. Really envy you have a beautiful pair of twins. Time flies and before you knew it, they are going to school and grow up to be little people already. That’s really a great party you have there.


  2. Wow! This is soo cool. My nephew is a minecraft fanatic and I would also love to do this on his birthday, atleast the cake!


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