Inexpensive gift ideas for runners!

So, I promised that I would be back with a list of stocking stuffer ideas for the runner in your life. They also make great gift ideas for budget friendly gift swaps.  At this time of the year, it is so easy to blow the budget, so all of these items make for a great inexpensive gift idea for runners.

  1. Sweaty Bands. I love running with sweaty bands.  They stay in place and don’t slide off.  I love how you can match them with your event or style.  I have a sparkly one that I use to dress up my ponytail at work too.

2.  Tailwind packets. I use tailwind in my water to help fuel my runs or long bike rides.

3. Stinger Waffles. I just recently switched up my running fuel and I have one of these before my long runs and one along the way during a long run.

4. GU packets. Along with stinger waffles I also use GU packets on a very long run.  I am training for a marathon so my longer runs require the extra fuel for me.

5. Bib belt. I use my running bib belt during races instead of pinning my bibs to my shirt.  Bib belts also have space to hold your running fuel.

6. Feetures running socks. I have these in several pairs.  I love the compression they give on my foot.  I rarely get blisters when running in these socks.

7. BodyGlide. Many runners face the issue of chafing.  After I started running distances beyond 15 miles, I started to get chaffed. This BodyGlide is a necessity!

8. Running gloves. With winter upon us in this region, a good pair of running gloves to keep those hands warm is always appreciated.

9. Ear warmers. My ears tend feel the cold quicker than my hands.  This is a winter running staple.  The bonus is the hole for your ponytail.

10. Hand warmers. For frigid cold days, hand warms are great to keep in pockets or wear with your running gloves.

Happy gift giving!!!!

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17 thoughts on “Inexpensive gift ideas for runners!

  1. This is great gift guide selection for runner! As a big runner, I tried Stinger Waffles and they are super delicious it’s my favorite and I highly recommended this snack for any fellow runner!


  2. This is a great guide with cheap gift ideas, perfect for people who are on a budget. I am not a runner so I found out about some products that I had no idea existed before by reading your guide.


  3. I love these ideas! I need to get some gloves when I jog. It’s getting cold out. I prefer to stick to water though, I don’t like taking anything else at the moment. But I’m not a competitive runner.


  4. I have runners friends around me and with this post, I know what to give them for this coming Xmas. I love the sweater band and may get it for myself when I workout to hold my pony tail.


  5. I use to run during summer but I stopped because it’s already getting cold, now my tummy is getting bigger. I pobably have to go back and get those gloves and ear warmer. Nice list btw!


  6. These are really useful gift idea for runners I will try to choose some from this list to give it to my friend who is runner.


  7. I ain’t no runner, but I have a friend who is. I will definitely keep these ideas in mind when I gift her for the holidays.


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