17 Mile Run and Done!

Two days ago I ran 17 miles as part of my Disney Marathon training.  This is the furthest that I have ever run.  I actually feel pretty good. I was expecting to be very sore.  I don’t have any knee or leg pain.  I attribute this to the cross training that I have been doing.  In case you don’t already know, I am a firm believer in weight lifting and yoga to cross train.  I also ran with KT Tape to help support my knees. The one thing that I have noticed is that I am unbelievably hungry.  I was fine the night of my run, and ok yesterday, but today, my hunger feels out of control.  I have heard that it is very easy to gain weight when training for a marathon because runners have the tendency to over-reward themselves with food. It is ok to reward yourself with food, but keep portion control in mind.  Also, it is easy to gain weight from the hunger that you feel.  I am up and down between 3 lbs.  I am back up, so I need to keep track and document what I eat so that I don’t continue to gain.

I was a little bit anxious leading up to this long run because I did not incorporate this long run into a race.  The past two long runs I did in conjunction with half marathons. Due to scheduling conflicts I was not able to recruit any of my running friends to join me.  I was worried that boredom would settle in causing this run to feel so much longer than it was.  I was worried that negative thoughts would take over my mind.  I did ok though.

I recruited my dog, Maya, for 1 mile.  She happily joined in with me!

My non-runner husband, Jon, was supportive and joined me for 3 miles.  I tried to convince the twins to join for 1 mile, but they were not having it.

Then it was off to finish up a lonely 13 miles on my own.

I have never listened to podcasts when running, and am new to podcasts in general.  I have The Negative Splits Podcast keep me company for a bit.  These guys actually had me cracking up.  They were talking about an upcoming ultra in Phoenix. For a hot minute I was like, oh, that sounds like fun! Then reality set in. I can hardly do 17 miles, let alone 100 miles. Then they started to talk about runner bathroom issues.  I won’t get into detail here for the non-runners.  Just know that running can stir things up.

Then I listened to another podcast by Another Mother Runner. They were pretty motivational.  They had one runner talking about watching your weight while marathon training; the very thing that I need to keep in mind.  One tip that I took away from that is trying to drink water before and after snacks and meals in an attempt to feel fuller. They were also the ones who convinced me that I need to track my calorie intake again.  I had been doing it on/off for several years.  Then I was consistent from May of this year until about mid-September.  I fell off the bandwagon again.  I had lost 7 lbs. between May and September, but am up 3 lbs.  Tracking my calories should help keep me more mindful.  I am going to up my intake a little bit. I was keeping it around 1300, but am going to up it to 1500 while training. This hunger is just driving me insane today!

I got in a good stretch at mile 8 and mile 14. I could feel my legs tightening up on me.

I forgot to charge my AfterShokz, so they gave up on me around mile 15.  At least now I know, AfterShokz will tell you 3 times “charge me” before they die on you.

I need to find another way to fuel.  For a while I was using gels, and then switched to chews.  I didn’t like how sticky I felt after gels and then needing a place to dump the gel packet after.  I ate more chews than usual on this run given the distance.  My teeth were very sensitive that night and yesterday, kind of like when you eat too many jolly ranchers.  So, I am back on the hunt to find a new fuel plan.  I also fuel with Tailwind in my water while running.  I just personally can’t take in that much water to feel fueled enough for a long run, so I need something else with my Tailwind. Do any runners out there have any suggestions that they can give me?

Overall, I felt pretty good, and rewarded myself with a pumpkin beer.  My legs and feet were definitely tired. I only have 3 more long runs before the marathon!!! Getting closer!  I am always open to suggestions from other runners, so let me know if you have any insight or tips for me, especially with fueling.

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30 thoughts on “17 Mile Run and Done!

  1. Congratulations on your training achievement! Keep up the amazing work. I am not a runner, but I have been considering to add this to my workout. Naturally, I’d have to start small, especially since I already have trouble with one of my knees during any workout.


  2. What good of you … every day I think of … tomorrow I will start, but unfortunately I can not find the time for it. I am more of dancing myself … lol … but everyone in my area says “just do it” is great … I just have to do it.


  3. Congratulations on your training! It sounds like you are well on your way to a successful run! My hubby used to run marathons and my son ran several half-marathons before he was 11. So I understand how the training works! I tip my cap to you!


  4. You just have to decide, today is the day! I go early AM before the sun rises on some days. If you can find a friend who runs that will help get you out the door too.


  5. I have knee issues too. I have found that if I use the foam roller as well as weight train, it helps with any knee pain. If you decide to get out there, take it slow. Maybe try the couch to 5K program.


  6. Thanks for sharing your experience! I almost felt as though I did it too. !7 miles is a lot to be proud of in my opinion and you’re an inspiration! Great example of self discipline and determination from a busy mom and wife!


  7. wow 17 miles is a lot of running! congrats on your achievement! its amazing the things you can train your body to do!


  8. Well-done! I miss running half-marathons and my LSD runs – and definitely triathlons! I always had trouble keeping weight on in high training season though! Congrats girl!


  9. Congratulations on your achievements. It motivates me a lot. You guys are amazing doing great and keep it up. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Congrats on a job well done. Keep up the good work.17 miles is really amazing. I wish that I could do it.I guess your cross training has really helped.


  11. Wow, this is inspiring. My husband and I have been planning and wanting to do this together, but find it really hard to start. LOL


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