Fashion Dilemma Solved! Le Tote!

Trends change season to season and it gets to be so expensive trying to keep up with all of the trends.  I found myself in a funk about 9 months ago with feeling frumpy and outdated in my closet.  I don’t know, maybe you could chock that up to a midlife crisis too since I am about to be 40.  I found something that has literally changed my life when it comes to fashion and clothing and feeling like “I have nothing to wear”.  I have been subscribing to Le Tote since March 2018. I had a code to try a tote for free before subscribing. Le Tote is a clothing rental subscription. You wear the items a few times, send them back, style a new tote, repeat!

When you log on for the first time, you get to choose if you want their classic subscription or their maternity.  I really wish I had known about this while I was pregnant.  It would have saved me a lot of money on clothes that I can only wear for a few months. Then, it moves onto tops.  You choose the style tops that you prefer. Then it moves onto sweaters, jackets, pants, dresses, jewelry, brands, sizing, occasion, zip code, and then you sign up via email or Facebook.  You are then presented with the plans shown below.  One plan includes accessories and the other plan is for pieces of clothing only.

Once you are ready to go your tote will be set up.  What is awesome about Le Tote, is that you can swap everything out of your tote and choose what you want.  Going on vacation, have a party, date night, business, you can plan for whatever event or day that you can think of.  You have 48 hours to plan your tote.  Once you tote is all planned out, you confirm your tote.  Depending on what time of the day that you confirm your trendy tote is when it will be shipped out.  Le Tote is based out of California so they work on PST. If you are in New England like I am, if I finalize my tote in the AM, it is typically shipped out later that day.  If it is later in the day, it typically won’t ship until the following day.  In general, I have received my totes in 2-3 business days after it has been shipped. For instance, I finalized my tote Monday night, and received my tote Thursday.

After my tote arrives, I usually have to steam the items, as to be expected with being shipped in a box.  Every tote comes with a prepaid shipping bag to send your items back. When you are done with you items, you can either drop them off at the post office or drop them in your mailbox.  I have always dropped them off at the post office because the label gets scanned right away triggering Le Tote to create a new tote for you.  Make sue to grab the receipt as proof that your return tote has been dropped off. A little trick that I have learned is to go online and chat with their customer service department asking them to restyle a tote for you so that you can plan out your new tote  right away. Their customer service department is A+.

There has been a handful of times when an item has arrived with damaged.  When that happens, make sure to contact customer service.  They have always given me a $10 purchase credit. They also mark the item as damaged so that their quality department can ensure that the item does not end up back into their rotation.

There are times when I have logged on to style my tote and the selection has been subpar.  What I have learned is that if you go back on in an hour or two the selection has greatly improved.  When planning out a vacation I have logged on several times in one day to plan my trip, and it has been to perfection.  Patience has always paid off for me when styling my tote.  I have heard that their items return from the cleaners around 1PM PST.  So, I have gone on around that time and later and have always ended up being able to find exactly what I was looking for.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without Le Tote in my life.  I have not had to shop for new clothes.  I have no interest in shopping for clothes.  I get so excited to plan out my tote. I always feel like I am shopping for whatever I want online and not having to worry about the price tag. On top of that, the compliments keep coming. Talk about a self-esteem booster.

What if you love something so much that you want to keep it? You can keep your items at a discounted price.  If you decide to keep your whole tote, you will get the next one free.

Lastly, try a free tote on me!  If you love Le Tote, great! If it is not for you, at least you can say that your tried something new.  Maybe save this free tote code for a vacation and see what you think!

Here are some pics of some of my looks from Le Tote. Stay trendy and cute!

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34 thoughts on “Fashion Dilemma Solved! Le Tote!

  1. Those outfits indeed looks perfectly great on you. Never heard of Le Tote before but I guess I need to do research and see their stuffs.


  2. I didn’t know about Le Tote. I love the dress that you’re wearing in the picture with your husband as well as the summer outfits. Great selection.


  3. I love that there’s a specific price point so you know exactly what you’re spending every month. You look great in all your items!


  4. That is such a cool subscription! I hope they go international! You look so good on those off-the-shoulder dresses!


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