Make your half marathon fun and memorable!

So this weekend I ran my 6th half marathon. I ran one last weekend too. Ambitious, I know. I am training for my first marathon, the Disney Marathon 2019. I have used these recent half marathons for training purposes rather than chasing a PR. Let me tell you how hard it is to just let go and and fun with it rather than chase a new PR. I have to tell you, this weekend was by far the most fun I have had running a half, well a half plus 3 making it 16 miles. I was strong armed into running this half by one of my best running friends (BRF). After I gave in and signed up, another one of my BRFs felt the peer pressure. I have been training for my marathon using Jeff Galloway’s method, and running in intervals. I had these girls on board with running this one in intervals with me. We decided to have a little fun with it, and take runfies at each mile marker. Check out the fun we had!!!! While your at it, grab a friend or two and get yourselves out there! Let go of all of your expectations and see what can happen during your runs if you just let go. Fastest (well not literally) 16 miles ever! Share your fun with me!


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