10 Things you didn’t know about running

1. The obvious, your health will improve. Do I really need to tell you that? Among the few health benefits to running it helps build your endurance, makes your lungs stronger, prevents high blood pressure, controls your weight, and improves your mood.

2. You will make new friends. Running is actually a very social activity.  Once you start running, you will meet new friends who are runners.  You will want to join them on runs, especially when you start running longer distances.  Soon, there will be even more friends that join the circle of running friends. There is nothing better than chatty friends to help pass the miles.

3.Speaking of making new friends, you might find yourself waking up much earlier than you are used to just to join your friends on a run. You might find yourself waking up earlier than your used to because you feel like you need to get that run in, and that is the only time you have in the day.  You might find yourself waking up early to run because it energizes you for the rest of the day.

4.You will have to do laundry more often. When you start running, you will find that all of a sudden you have 4 extra sets of clothes a week to wash.  That sweaty running laundry builds up pretty quickly.

5. Speaking of more laundry, your t-shirt draw will start to overflow with the collection of shirts from all that race swag. Who doesn’t love race swag!

6. You will drink more beer. You will be running road races with your new running friends.  Many of those road races give you beer tickets or even unlimited beer at after parties.

7. You will learn to not mind porta potties. You will even search for porta potties.  Running can really shake things up if you know what I mean.

8. You might poop your pants. You may not make it to that porta potty or make it home in time. Things happen that you have no control over. It happened to me once, and I will leave it at that.

9. You will realize how expensive running can get. A good pair of running shoes will run you give or take $100, and they only last for so long before they need to be replaced.  Add into that a Garmin, running socks, yak-tracks, running chews, water bottle, wireless earbuds, reflective gear, head lamp, running pants, running shorts, running tank, running jacket, waterproof running jacket, running gloves, head warmer, race fees, you get the idea!

    1. 10.You will run more miles than you ever imagined you could. You may even venture off into other disciplines like triathlons.  This whole running business if pretty addictive.

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